Communication Failure

Your Fire/Intrusion System has reported a Communication Failure signal. A Communication Failure signal indicates the fire alarm control panel has an active trouble that prevents transmission of fire/intrusion signals to the central station receiver via phone line, thus indicating the system is vulnerable in event of an alarm requiring dispatch of agencies. If other signals are being received in event of a communication failure signal, there is an intermittent fault that may involve phone line issues or the PBX. A removed phone line, lack of dial tone, dial out phone number no longer works or is incorrectly programmed may also be the cause. A communication failure signal should have service coordinated with phone company, HCI, and customer IT dept. (if PBX unit exists between panel and phone company block).

HCI Systems Inc. will notify each time in regards to these signals due to the vital function it hold to preserve the safety of the building and its occupants. For questions, concerns, or service, please call 877-331-2084 or email in regards to this communication failure.

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