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Is someone attempting to break into your facility? Is there a need to catch someone in the act? Are there sensitive documents or materials that require additional means of security protection? The answer to your questions is HCI Systems. HCI Systems understands that each customer has specific needs and we will recommend the right solutions to help you protect what’s most important to you. Whether it is employee safety, facility protection or monitoring of critical areas, we are your single resource from start to finish. Each branch location covers San Diego, Irvine, Los Angeles, Burbank, Ontario, Fresno, Hayward, San Francisco and Sacramento.

installation and servicing:

Our staff of industry proven professionals take immense pride in the design, installation, and servicing of your systems. Our team will meet with you to discuss your needs and develop a site specific solution that will meet your expectations, plus we will offer ideas and solutions to help you plan for the future. Moreover, it’s team that shares their knowledge to assure your staff maximizes the potential of your security systems.
hci systems alarm system

We design, install, and service the following:


Electronic Security

HCI Systems, Inc. has knowledgeable experience with designing, engineering, and installing systems, and we are also expert integrators. We can transfer the knowledge to our clients so these technologies work in harmony. Serving single-site customers, as well as those with sites throughout the state, HCI will design a solution to meet both your current needs as well as your future growth plans. Most importantly, HCI provides a wide array of professional services to ensure your investment is protected and continues to operate as originally designed.

Access Control

Secure your profits with an efficient access control system designed by HCI Systems, Inc. Loss of confidential information and valuable assets to burglars can threaten the integrity of your company. Unwanted visitors with intent to harm can endanger your employees and customers. It’s important that your facilities have controlled access to ensure the safety of all.

Knowing that your access control system is comprised of best-in-class technology and serviced by certified and experienced technicians is foundational to HCI’s approach to our market. Whether you require peace of mind from dangerous intruders or an audit trail of your employees’ locations, we provide a broad range of options when it comes to physical security.
Access Control

Cloud Access Control

Cloud-based access control enables you to remotely manage processes, such as adding or revoking user access, without requiring any hardware. While physical access control may provide security for your organization, not every organization is willing to invest in high infrastructure costs for local servers and hardware. Centralized controllers are often limited to a specific number of doors and an on-site specialist is needed at each location to react to daily events. HCI Systems, Inc. experts can assist you with determining the best solution to meet your needs.

Visitor Management

No visitor should be invisible. Large corporations and multiple-location organizations with public access to their facilities require an easy and worry-free method of checking in and monitoring its visitors’ location — as well as its employees.

HCI Systems, Inc. has experienced engineers and designers that can evaluate your buildings and design a sophisticated visitor management solution to enhance the security and professionalism of your organization. Our integration experts understand the challenges many industries face when implementing these systems due to their depth of experience and training. With HCI, you can achieve your goals of streamlining visitor processes and exceeding expectations of your visitors with the complete control of a modern visitor management solution. HCI Systems, Inc. years of experience and dedication to our long-term relationships with clients ensure that you’ll find a relevant visitor management system based on the needs of your organization.

IP Video Surveillance

HCI Systems, Inc., designs and installs best-in-class equipment from leading manufacturers while providing education and training to empower you to utilize and manage the system. Whether you have no surveillance, legacy analog systems or high definition IP cameras, we are proud to offer integration services and expert maintenance for virtually any business, including global enterprises. Though video surveillance technology seems to never stop developing, we always provide expert, up-to-date recommendations so you can protect your people, property, and profits. We have the years of experience, education and training to help you select the right video management system and IP cameras for your budget and legacy systems. Best-in-class cameras and video equipment provide the best quality video.

Video Management System

HCI Systems, Inc. uses the top manufactures in the world software and hardware to allow our clients to manage their surveillance systems. Integrating this technology allows our clients to manage and distribute IP Video to meet their needs and help manage their environment.

Remote Video Monitoring

HCI Systems, Inc. State of the Art Monitoring Center gives our clients an advantage by having a live person viewing IP Video 24/7/365. Our solution is unique as it proactively protects properties using live audio warnings to ward off intruders. We utilize the latest technologies, proven across thousands of customer sites. Intervention Specialists direct operations remotely from Communication Hubs, visually verifying the intruders and intervening with a live, personalized warning – preventing the unwanted activity from ever taking place.
Remote Video Monitoring
Cimcor File Integrity Monitoring Detection

Intrusion Detection System

HCI Systems, Inc. provides the latest intrusion detection and alarm system technology equipped to secure your facilities and protect your buildings’ integrity. With the integration of security cameras, door contacts, motion and sound sensors, and communication control equipment, you can prevent dangerous or illegal activity as well as protect against the loss of property or inventory. Video and audio verification services integrated into the alarm system provide an added layer of security and help prevent potentially costly false alarms. HCI Systems, Inc. provides the design and installation of all recommended solutions and guarantees your satisfaction. Our years of experience and dedication to our long-term relationships with clients ensure that you’ll find a relevant intrusion detection system based on the needs of your organization.
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